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Author(s): Yujie Hu, Changzhen Wang, RuiyangLi, Fahui Wang

Abstract - Estimating a massive drive time matrix between locations is a practical but challenging task. The challenges include availability of reliable road network (including traffic) data, programming expertise, and access to high-performance computing resources.

Author(s): Ji-Young Son, Kevin J. Lane, Marie Lynn Miranda, Michelle L. Bell
Abstract - Understanding the environmental justice implications of the mortality impacts of air pollution exposure is a public health priority, as some subpopulations may face a disproportionate health burden.
Author(s): Marie Lynn Miranda

Dr. Marie Lynn Miranda’s editorial in Science comments on the US Environmental Protection Agency’s (EPA) proposed transparency rule and urges scientists to provide feedback to the EPA during the open period for public comment.

Author(s): Matthew A. Davis, Olga Yakusheva, Haiyin Liu, Joshua Tootoo, Marita G. Titler, and Julie P.W. Bynum
Abstract - OBJECTIVES: Chiropractic care is a service that operates outside of the conventional medical system and is reimbursed by Medicare. Our objective was to examine the extent to which accessibility of chiropractic care affects spending on medical spine care among Medicare beneficiaries.
Author(s): Keith B. Naylor, Joshua Tootoo, Olga Yakusheva, Scott A. Shipman, Julie P. W. Bynum, Matthew A. Davis

Background - Growing physician maldistribution and population demographic shifts have contributed to large geographic variation in healthcare access and the emergence of advanced practice providers as contributors to the healthcare workforce.

Author(s): Mercedes A. Bravo, Bryan C. Batch, Marie Lynn Miranda

Abstract - 

Introduction - Neighborhood characteristics such as racial segregation may be associated with hypertension, but studies have not examined these relationships using spatial models appropriate for geographically patterned health outcomes.
Author(s): Harrison Quick, Joshua Tootoo, Ruiyang Li, Adam S. Vaughan, Linda Schieb, Michele Casper, Marie Lynn Miranda
Abstract - Accurate and precise estimates of local-level epidemiologic measures are critical to informing policy and program decisions, but they often require advanced statistical knowledge, programming/coding skills, and extensive computing power.
Author(s): YezheLin, Joshua Tootoo, Melissa K. Allen, Omar F. Pinjari, Jair C Soares, Salih Selek
Highlights - Electroconvulsive Therapy (ECT) is a well-established and effective treatment in mood disorders but the use of ECT is lower than the general average in Texas.
Author(s): Mercedes A Bravo, Rebecca Anthopolos, Marie Lynn Miranda
Abstract - Background: Few studies examine relationships between built environment (BE) and type 2 diabetes mellitus (T2DM) using spatial models, investigate BE domains apart from food environment or physical activity resources or conduct sensitivity analysis of methodological choices made in...
Author(s): Joshua R. Holmes, Joshua L. Tootoo, E. Julia Chosy, Amber Y. Bowie, Ranjani R. Starr

Background - Evidence shows that a person’s ZIP Code can affect his or her health. Health disparities are often geographically concentrated. For example, areas that lack sidewalks and safe places to exercise have lower levels of physical activity and higher rates of obesity than areas that have...

Author(s): Shepherd H. Schurman, Mercedes A. Bravo, Cynthia L. Innes, W. Braxton Jackson II, John A. McGrath, Marie Lynn Miranda, and Stavros Garantziotis

Abstract - Asthma is a common chronic lung disease, the incidence and severity of which may be influenced by gene-environment interactions. Our objective was to examine associations between single nucleotide polymorphisms (SNPs) and combinations of SNPs in the toll-like receptor 4 (TLR4) pathway...

Author(s): Mercedes A Bravo, Rebecca Anthopolos, Rachel T Kimbro, Marie Lynn Miranda

Abstract - Neighborhood characteristics such as racial segregation may be associated with type 2 diabetes mellitus, but studies have not examined these relationships using spatial models appropriate for geographically patterned health outcomes.

Author(s): Brian C Gulack, Rachel Greenberg, Reese H Clarkd, Marie Lynn Miranda, Martin L Blakely, Henry E Rice, Obinna O Adibe, Elisabeth T Tracy, P Brian Smith

Purpose - Inguinal hernias are common in premature infants, but there is substantial variation with regards to timing of repair. We sought to quantify and explain this variation.

Author(s): Matthew A. Davis, Rebecca Anthopolos, Joshua Tootoo, Marita Titler, Julie P. W. Bynum, Scott A. Shipman

Introduction - Non-physician clinicians now constitute nearly one-quarter of the US primary care workforce, and as such are expected to play a significant role in offsetting projected physician shortfalls.

Author(s): Cavin K. Ward-Caviness , William E. Kraus , Colette Blach , Carol S. Haynes , Elaine Dowdy , Marie Lynn Miranda , Robert Devlin , David Diaz-Sanchez , Wayne E. Cascio , Shaibal Mukerjee , Casson Stallings , Luther A. Smith , Simon G. Gregory , Svati H. Sh
Objective - Exposure to mobile source emissions is nearly ubiquitous in developed nations and is associated with multiple adverse health outcomes. There is an ongoing need to understand the specificity of traffic exposure associations with vascular outcomes, particularly in individuals with...
Author(s): Joshua D. Stein; Kapil G. Kapoor; Joshua L. Tootoo; Ruiyang Li; Alan Wagner; Chris Andrews; Marie Lynn Miranda

Abstract: Importance - As the United States considers how to best structure its health care services, specialty care availability is receiving increased focus. This study assesses whether patients lack reasonable access to ophthalmologists in states where optometrists have been granted expanded...

Author(s): Chad A.Grotegut, Emily Ngan, Melanie E.Garrett, Marie Lynn Miranda, Allison E.Ashley-Koch, Geeta K.Swamy

Background - Oxytocin is a potent uterotonic agent that is widely used for induction and augmentation of labor. Oxytocin has a narrow therapeutic index and the optimal dosing for any individual woman varies widely.

Author(s): Ryan A. Simmons, Leonard Mboera, Marie Lynn Miranda, Alison Morris, Gillian Stresman, Elizabeth L. Turner, Randall Kramer, Chris Drakeley and Wendy P. O’Meara

Abstract: Background- Measurements of anti-malarial antibodies are increasingly used as a proxy of transmission intensity. Most serological surveys are based on the use of cross-sectional data that, when age-stratified, approximates historical patterns of transmission within a population....

Author(s): S.E.Spratt, K.Pereira, B.B.Granger, B.C.Batch, M.Phelan, M.Pencina, M.L.Miranda, E.Boulware, J.E.Lucas, C.L.Nelson, B.Neely, B.A.Goldstein, P.Barth, R.L.Richesson, I.L.Riley, L.Corsino, E.R.M.Hinz, S.Rusincovitch, J.Green, A.B.Barton, et al.

Abstract - Objective: We assessed the sensitivity and specificity of 8 electronic health record (EHR)-based phenotypes for diabetes mellitus against gold-standard American Diabetes Association (ADA) diagnostic criteria via chart review by clinical experts. Materials and Methods: We...

Author(s): Cavin K. Ward-Caviness, Lucas M. Neas, Colette Blach, Carol S. Haynes, Karen LaRocque-Abramson, Elizabeth Grass, Z. Elaine Dowdy, Robert B. Devlin, David Diaz-Sanchez, Wayne E. Cascio, Marie Lynn Miranda, Simon G. Gregory, Svati H. Shah, William E. Kraus

Abstract - Air pollution is a worldwide contributor to cardiovascular disease mortality and morbidity. Traffic-related air pollution is a widespread environmental exposure and is associated with multiple cardiovascular outcomes such as coronary atherosclerosis, peripheral arterial disease, and...


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