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Geographical access to electroconvulsive therapy services in Texas

YezheLin, Joshua Tootoo, Melissa K. Allen, Omar F. Pinjari, Jair C Soares, Salih Selek



  • Electroconvulsive Therapy (ECT) is a well-established and effective treatment in mood disorders but the use of ECT is lower than the general average in Texas.
  • No accessibility research to ECT has been done in the United States. Our goal is to explore geographical accessibility of Electroconvulsive Services in Texas.
  • We used Esri's StreetMap Premium Network to generate 1-hour drive time service areas for 22 ECT Centers listed in Texas State's 2016 annual ECT report and estimated populations within these service areas based on US Census Tract level population weighted centroids.
  • About 75% (19,851,802 of 26,538,614) of Texas total population is within a 1-hour drive time to any ECT Services location. 68% (3,046,141 of 4,472,451) of population below poverty level are within a 1-hour drive time.
  • ECT services are geographically accessible in Texas. Other barriers may contribute to lower use of ECT.
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Friday, February 15, 2019